Cycling for Christ is a great new way for churches to do fundraising and raise awareness about Christianity. This is a great way to challenge yourself with the help and support of others. There are twelve states that have a cycling for Christ group, sponsored by Boutique Baptism. A few times a year they set up fundraisers and gather members from all over the United States to do bike- a- thons. They have a few different races for the different levels of cyclist. The races are set up with rest stops for food and water. These are free for the bicyclists. The churches will make the sandwiches and supply the water. This is a great way for youth to get more involved with other youth, and discuss Christ.

Each cyclist is exposed to the love and peace of Jesus Christ. This will encourage people to be more involved with the church. Adults and children will be able to meet other people with many things in common. You will be able to meet people from other churches and start up more relationships. Youth these days have a hard time feeling connected to the world. They are always being pressured to go different ways. Cycling for Christ allows them to connect with youth that is in the same situation. They will be able to learn and grow while learning about having Jesus Christ in their life.

The groups usually meet once a month to ride trails or on the roads. There is also prayer group and study. These become a close circuit of friends; you come together like family. You will learn how to become a Christian in Sport and support your friends through prayer. You can also learn how to start up your own group within your community and speak with others about God.

Together you will be able to spread His word faster and have more of a voice than alone. Being united as a group will help spread the word through sport. All Christian cycling groups use the Bible as their rule book. They will read passages and have prayers. They welcome new followers with open arms, and will be willing to help bring God into your life. Cycling for Christ is a great outlet to burn energy, and use your cycling talents to help support your church. You will feel better about yourself, and be more confident when you are around those who worship the way you do.

You learn to have good character by being a good sport during any event. By following the word of God you can teach others by doing. You can advertise your group on social networking sites so you can let word out and gain more followers. You will be able to let people know when you will ride, and where you will be riding. Some people like to know the route ahead of time so they can meet up somewhere. Not everyone can ride long distances so they will meet the group where they can. You will be able to constantly keep members up to date on where, when, and what time you will be holding events.

You can post videos of your races and events so people will be able to actually see what it is you do. You will receive praise and comments on your videos, and maybe even more members. There is no better way to spread the word than to show what Cycling for Christ is all about. Having a ride through the park with picnic and prayer will be a great way to show others what you are all about. Everyone is taking Christ out of a lot of things; so it is a wonderful idea to spread the word about Christ. Youth and adults need to be able to make a true decision when they would like to this is the way to make that happen.

Anyone can start a cycling for Christ group. You do not just have to have one to raise money for your church; you could just start it to be around people with the same beliefs. Christ is in our lives every day, but he is also being taken out of some parts of our life without giving us a choice. This is something that you can do where no one can tell you it’s not ok to pray or do Bible study. In the process of learning about Christ you will stay fit, and have the support of members with the same faith to cheer you on.

Cycling for Christ is becoming an international program. Members of churches all over the world are coming together to support one another and learn more about Christ. When you are put in a setting where you can have a picnic or enjoy a bike ride, and then have prayer, you are more likely to keep the things you learn closer to your heart. This is due to the fact you are learning in an open environment, and are not in another classroom. This will benefit you more because they are stuck in a classroom five days a week for school.

There are websites where you can either buy or create shirts for your cycling group. You can add scriptures to the back of your shirt. This is a way you care express yourself through scripture.

You do not have to be involved in the same church, or even have the same religion to be in a cycling for Christ group. This is a place where you will not be judged and you can happily discuss Christ, and learn something new on a weekly or monthly basis. This is a fun creative way for any church to come together and raise money for the church. Everyone can benefit from Cycling for Christ. It is also a great way to learn to be competitive in a healthy manner. You will learn to show support, and pray for your team and other teams. So look up a Cycling for Christ group in your community today, or find out how to start one.